The Magnificent Fig Thief

There is a teetering balance between the natural world and humanity.  It’s a delicate relationship.  I can’t help but feel how much I need the trees, the dirt, the bees, and the ocean - but does it all really need me?  

Paulo Coelho once said, “You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure.”  So I whispered to the world, I see the beauty in your flaws, which are perfection. 

I was once given the opportunity to tour the vegetable gardens of a retired surgeon. So much knowledge and love for growing poured out of Dr. Ethridge in the few hours we had together. 



Just outside the garden fence was a grove of fig trees, I asked him if the deer like to eat them, he said, “The ones planted closest to the garden are ours and the ones on the outside are planted for them.”  So I whispered to myself, I see the beauty in the balance of nature, which is flawless.

Can you see him?  The Fig Thief, who comes in the middle of the night, to take the offering of the gardener.  He whispers under the golden full moon, I taste the beauty of your generosity, which is fulfillment.

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