To See Yourself In Another

To See Yourself in Another

It began with a fleeting thought or you could say a flash of an image.  Just a small idea that could easily go to the lost pile of the forgottens in the back of your mind. 

That’s not what I am trying to say.  Lets start in my backyard, where I often share it with alligators.  Some people are amazed that we let them stay on our property.  They are predators, and that is what makes them so valuable to our little ecosystem.   They fascinate me and scare me.  Did you know that they eat only once a week?  They keep our snake population down.  They patrol all four corners of their territory.  Their strong tails can propel them 5 feet into the air in seconds.  However, when they get big enough to eat a small dog we have them relocated. They are taken away at the end of summer and we wait all winter for our first arrival of new little gators in the spring.  

I am pretty sure I can attribute my close proximity with these reptiles to my latest favorite piece of art.  I think the pond slips images into my head.  Not so much like a thought but like another eye in my head that can see thoughts.  It saw a person and an alligator looking into each other’s eyes.  Trying to truly understand each other.

What do you see when you look into the eyes of another?  Do you see a reflection of yourself? 

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